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Reiki I & II  -  April 11th & 12th, or May 16 & 17

Reiki Adv. July 31st, 

 Reiki Master August 1st, & Master Teacher Aug., 2nd

UreviaŽ Practitioner -  May 2nd & 3rd, or July 11th & 12th 

UreviaŽ Advance - July 18th & 19th, 

UreviaŽ Master - August 29th & 30th

Class dates for Integrated Health Programs & for the Healing Science program can be found by clicking on the Urevia link below.

Karuna I & II is June 6th & 7th

These classes provide a wonderful healing experience and education

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Reconnect to your Spiritual Goals and replenish your Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Energy


Reiki and Urevia® for your Spiritual Growth and Personal Healing!

Usui Reiki Classes, Karuna Reiki® Classes and Urevia® Classes are held in Southwest Michigan..

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Located near Hickory Corners, in Southwest, MI.

Subtle Energies and D' Rose Institute of Urevia Healing are located on a private lake with serene, beautiful surroundings. The environment makes this the perfect place to take a class or experience a healing. Ken and Dana are certified, spiritual teachers with over 40 years of combined experience offering  a variety of classes as well as spiritual counseling, wellness-consulting, and energy healing sessions.  

Ken Gray  -  is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years experience as a teacher. He is also a  business consultant with over 30 years experience of commercial business ownership, so now he helps others become successfully self-employed.  In addition, he is an astrologer and intuitive tarot reader. 

Dana Glore-Gray created the Urevia Healing System offering students the wisdom needed for well-being & success. With an Associate in Psychology, a Masters in Metaphysics, certification in Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher modalities, has maintained a healing practice & teaching career for 21 yrs., and an author; she helps others heal themselves and reach their full potential.

Together they take a metaphysical, spiritual approach to facilitate healing & transformation  in the lives of their students and clients.  They help people heal themselves and create a loving life that they can be proud of and enjoy.  They help people become who they want to be through the power of healing, wisdom, choice, change, truth, and love.  They focus on practical spirituality, emotional intelligence,  health requirements, self-awareness, and wisdom.  

 They provide a variety of Seminars, Classes and Special events designed to be fun, enriching and enlightening. Subtle Energies Healing Center & D' Rose are centrally located in S.W. Michigan near Delton & Hickory Corners, a few miles north east of  Kalamazoo. A few miles south of Grand Rapids. A few miles west of Battle Creek, and a few miles south west of Lansing. Their work is based on a philosophy of Love, Kindness and Spiritual Acceptance. 

In The Light

Ken & Dana Gray
Certified Reiki Master Teachers

Ken is a preferred  distributor of "Earthlite Massage" tables. 


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Reiki I & II  -  April 11th & 12th 

Reiki Adv. July 31st, 

Masters August 1st, & Master Teacher Aug., 2nd

UreviaŽ Practitioner  -  May 2nd & 3rd 

UreviaŽ Advance - July 18th & 19th, 

UreviaŽ Master - August 29th & 30th

These classes provide a wonderful healing experience and education

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  healthy lunches provided. Register now!

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Centrally located to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, & Lansing - Michigan areas.


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