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Subtle Energies Metaphysical Healing Center, Michigan. Offers Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, & Urevia Classes & healings in Southwest Michigan

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We offer certified and professionally accredited education.

Happy Reminder: Offering distant healing sessions: combination of phone & astral travel healing energy work.  Call or text to make an appt. 269-838-4079 Experience a healing & spiritual consulting session from the comfort of your home.

"The more disturbed the flow of energy is in the body - caused by the mindset/consciousness - the more inefficiently the body functions," (Dr. Stone). Healing work/energy medicine releases blocks and restores the flow of energy.  When the body and mind are balanced because energy flows freely, the body and Spirit will heal itself.

Learning in a retreat like setting, on a beautiful private lake, providing nourishment, peace, growth, education, and healing.  Yummy lunches are provided along with a soothing class environment. In addition, peaceful individual healing sessions are available by appt..

             "Teaching how to heal and evolve through education, personal growth, and love"

All Classes are Covid-19 pending: please call ahead for confirmation.

Reiki I & II: Sat. & Sun. - 10-4:00 lunch & materials provided: Nov 21 & 22

Reiki Advance and Reiki Master Practitioner: Aug 15 & 16, 2020

Reiki Master Teacher: Sat., to be scheduled in 2021

NEW CLASSES! - Zoom options available for most of the following classes

Coffee & Spiritual Bliss with Ken & Dana thru Zoom: live streaming - Enjoy this free class from the comfort of your home over a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Sat. mornings: 10:00-11:00 We will discuss current events, spirituality, healing, meditation, intuition, angel messages, food recipes for health, and offer a Q & A segment with each session. Date: Oct 24

Board certified Urevia Integrated Health & Energy Healing Practitioner Program - for all students wanting to acquire the knowledge & wisdom needed to provide quality healing & spiritual consulting for their clients.

Offered one Sat morning per month 9:30- 1:00, Lunch and manual provided for all classes. Click Urevia tab below for info - Classes start Sat. Sept 12th, 2020, click Urevia tab below for more info.  Taking registration now. text: 269-838-4079

Urevia Continuation Class for deeper understanding and advancement of skills: Sat., Oct 10th Time: 9:30-1:00. Lunch provided. Cost: $110.00 - for Urevia Grads only

Entity Attachments & Clearing Class Level I, Sat. Oct 3, 2020. Time: 9:30-1:00. Cost: $120.00. Lunch is provided. This class is for healing practitioners only: must be attuned to either Reiki or Urevia to attend. Topics: who is vulnerable to attachments, what are entities, ghosts, etc., what are the signs of entity attachment, and how to cross them over, etc., and I will share my personal experiences and crossings over the past 45 years.

Entity Clearing Class Level II: Nov7, 2020 Time: 9:30-1:00. Lunch provided. Cost: $120.00

Karuna I & II: to be scheduled 2021  Karuna Master Teacher: 2021

These classes provide a wonderful healing experience and education

Schedule a Healing Session with Dana by calling or texting number below. 

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 Healthy lunches provided. Register now!

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Text or call: 269-838-4079

Reconnect to your Spiritual Goals and replenish your Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Energy


Reiki and Urevia® for your Spiritual Growth and Personal Healing!

Usui Reiki Classes, Karuna Reiki® Classes and Urevia® Classes are held in Southwest Michigan..

This is the view from the classroom!

Located near Hickory Corners, in Southwest, MI.

D' Rose Institute of Urevia & Subtle Energies Healing Center is locate on a private lake with serene, beautiful surroundings. The environment makes this the perfect place to take a class or experience a healing. We are certified, spiritual teachers with over 53 years of combined experience offering  a variety of classes as well as Reiki, Urevia, and Karuna energy healing sessions.  

We offer professional accreditation and certification in Usui Reiki - Karuna« Reiki & Urevia« classes in southwest Michigan! We are also happy to announce that the new expanded Urevia Integrated Health and Healing programs have been offered full board professional accreditation and certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioner, (AADP). The school curriculum fully meets accreditation board educational requirements and graduates are eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners. 

We take a metaphysical, spiritual approach to facilitate healing & transformation  in the lives of our students and clients.  We focus on healing work, practitioner training, practical spirituality, emotional intelligence,  health & wellness, personal growth, intuitive skills, channeling, and wisdom.  

 Together we provide a variety of Seminars, Classes and Special events designed to be fun, enriching and enlightening. We are centrally located in S.W. Michigan near Delton & Hickory Corners, a few miles north east of  Kalamazoo. A few miles south of Grand Rapids. A few miles west of Battle Creek, and a few miles south west of Lansing. Their work is based on a philosophy of Love, Kindness and Spiritual Acceptance. 

In Light with Gratitude

Ken Gray & Dana Glore-Gray
Certified Usui Reiki Master Teachers, Karuna Master Teachers, and Board certified Urevia Master Teachers


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 Centrally located to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, & Lansing - Michigan areas.


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