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     Carry Cases

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Standard Carry Case. Price $85.00

Deluxe Carry Case with two extra pockets. Price $99.00

     Protect your table with one of our beautiful carry cases. Constructed of heavy-duty cordura, they have padded bottoms to guard  against bumps and scrapes. Our carry cases have a comfortable padded shoulder strap, and allow you to balance the weight of the table evenly between your shoulder and your opposite arm. Our carry cases are custom fit and have a large side pocket for accessories. They are available in the following colors.

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Black                    Navy                  Teal                      Wine


Our foam filled bolsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide that extra level of comfort and support. Placed under knees, ankles or neck they help to release muscle strain.

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Full Round Bolsters

Half Round Bolsters

                  Fluffy Bolsters -Price $29.00. Our fluffy bolsters, which are stuffed with ultra-soft Dacron, are great for people with circulation problems.


              Angle Bolsters - Price $55.00. Our angle bolsters provide extra support for the legs which helps to relax and ease the strain on the lower back. They are 10 inches high and have two angles for a perfect fit.




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                      Table Skates - Price $34.00. Enjoy the comfort of rolling your table wherever you go. Our table skate is easy to steer. Two straps with quick release buckles secure you table with or without a carry case.


Fleece Pads


Price $35.00

                          Our fleece pads add an extra inch of luxurious comfort to your table. They are warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. They also help hold your sheets in place and protect the vinyl on your table. Our fleece pads are machine washable and dryable.


Flannel Sheets

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               Our 100% cotton flannel sheets and crescent covers are the softest flannel you will every feel. Top sheets measure 44"x80" and bottom sheets are fitted with elastic all the way around. They are available in five colors; natural (unbleached and untreated), white, lavender, pale blue and black.

Top Only $20.00

Fitted Bottom Only $22.00

Set of Top and Bottom only $36.00

Rolling Stools

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Price $99.00. Our new rolling stools are adjustable in height, 19 1/2" to 25" and will make your work much easier. Features include all metal rugged construction 3" padded seat and choice of color and vinyl.


Massage Stools

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     Price $69.00. Our massage stools, in matching color vinyl, are the perfect compliment to your table. The top measures 13"x13" and is 19" high. It folds flat for easy carrying and weighs less than 5 pounds.


Oil Holsters

Price Single $15.00 Double $19.00. Eliminate oil spillage, maintain contact with your client and enjoy the ease of using an oil holster for your oil or lotion. Available with single or double pockets.


Life Time Warranty

Earthlite guarantees their portable tables against defects in materials, design, or craftsmanship, limited to repair or replacement of the item for as long as you the original purchaser own the table, or five years after a model has been discontinued. Their upholstery fabrics are guaranteed for three years and their foam for five years. This guarantee does not include damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect such as tears in the upholstery.


Ordering Policies and Information

Subtle Energies doesn’t carry an inventory of tables due to the fact that there are so many ordering options that it is impossible to predict what you the customer will want. It is standard policy to place your order via the secure order form or the telephone and we will place your specific order with Earthlite to your particular requirements. Earthlite will then build your table and ship direct to you anywhere in the U.S.A. via U.P.S. All orders for product must be pre-paid to Subtle Energies before being called in to the factory. We have found the folks at Earthlite to be very easy and efficient to work with. Free catalogs and price lists are available upon request. Remember we are here for you the customer, customer satisfaction is our most important concern.

To order your tailor made Reiki or massage table call me Ken Gray at Local (269) 671-4221 or Toll Free within the U.S.A. at 1-800-260-4544.


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