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Regular price $379.00

Our Special Price $342.00


New From Earthlite!

Reiki-Ready Superlite Frame Design (patent pending). Our advanced engineering team used dynamic load and finite element analysis to optimize the design of this super-strong, lightweight, reiki-ready aluminum frame. Drop tested at 450 lbs.

Radical Weight Saving Deck. The patent pending, revolutionary Tri-tech load dispersion technology eliminates 35% of the platform weight while remaining super-strong. Our innovative deck incorporates our Russian Birch Tri-tech platform design coupled with ballistic cordura nylon to provide a strong, durable, super-lightweight platform.

Shimmy-Lok,  Leg Brace System (patent pending) – We’ve eliminated the most common cause of leg instability in lightweight aluminum tables with our innovative dual post leg stabilizer.

Luxurious NaturSoft, Vinyl, 100% environmentally friendly PU vinyl that is so soft that it has to be felt to be believed.

Most Comfortable Superlite Cushioning System Ever. The feel of our 2.5 inch {3 layer} Pro-Lite, Deluxe cushioning system and our plush, Natursoft,  vinyl has to be felt to be believed.

The Moon’s gravitational pull is 17% of the Earth's. Thus an object which weighs 35 lbs, will weigh only 6 lbs on the Moon. Our Earthlite designers were tasked with making a strong, comfortable, full size table which meets the Earthlite stringent quality standards, yet weighs only 26 lbs. Many innovations later, mission accomplished.

Call to receive a Luna table for the Special Price of $409.00  If you have any questions or to place an order you can call me at 1-800-260-4544.  Sincerely Ken Gray

Regular Price  $379.00

Our Special Price $342.00


Luna SILVER Pkg. Reg. $ $439.00 {Inc. Table, Deluxe Adj. HR, Standard Carry Case}.  

Luna Gold Pkg. Reg.$499.00-disc. to  $449.00 {Inc, Table, Deluxe Adj. Headrest, Deluxe Carry Case}.


Please call 1-800-260-4544 to order these other packages  Ken Gray.

Thinking about buying two or more tables at once? By combining orders {further discounts} may be available as well as the potential for combined savings on shipping cost.  To place an order or to make an inquiry please call Ken at 1-800-260-4544 or
Specifications and Features:

Ordering Policies and Information

Subtle Energies doesn’t carry an inventory of tables due to the fact that it is impossible to predict what you the customer will want { ie. color, height range, and width of table}. It is standard policy to place your order via the secure order form or the  telephone and we will place your specific order with Earthlite to your particular requirements. Earthlite will then build your table and ship direct to you anywhere in the U.S.A. via U.P.S. All orders for product must be pre-paid to Subtle Energies before being called in to the factory. We have found the folks at Earthlite to be very easy and efficient to work with. Free brochures are available upon request. Remember we are here for you the customer, customer satisfaction is our most important concern.

Subtle Energies Return Policies:

Both “Earthlite and Subtle Energies” are very much concerned with your satisfaction. When you order a table from us you may return the table to “Earthlite for any reason within the fist 30 days”. However Subtle Energies reserves the right to charge 10% as a restocking fee for any frivolous return. If you return an item for a valid reason no charge will be incurred.

To place an order or if you have any questions or concerns you can call me at 1-800-260-4544.  Sincerely Ken Gray


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