Urevia…hmm.  I can say Urevia is a healing energy, a spiritual journey, a guiding light, and all of that would be true.   However all of these characteristics are minor gifts.

 The more I observe Urevia working with others and myself, the more I realize that Urevia is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that promotes love and freedom.  Especially freedom from the constant nagging voice inside our minds.  I feel it promotes peace.  A special kind of peace that goes beyond what you read about in spiritual writings.  The kind of peace that you feel when you are centered and calm which is a good place to start.  The peace that I am referring to is “peace of the heart.” 

 Now, I am sure most people have a moderate peace level with themselves.  Except, for that non-stop voice inside our minds telling us how to behave.  It will say things like,  “You should say yes to Mary even when you are tired, so you wont feel guilty.” Or  “I need to lose weight to look and feel better about myself.”  Or  “Don’t say that it’s not political and proper.”  These are only a few of the internal criticisms the voice has to offer.  This type of daily dialogue with yourself creates self-judgment, self-doubt, and insecurity.  There is nothing about this kind of lifestyle that creates self-love, confidence, and freedom.

 When you embark on the Urevia journey, the underlining issues around self-molding and control are uncovered for understanding.  You are given spiritual and practical tools for healing.  Imagine for a moment your life without “the voice” telling you how to be perfect and likeable.  Think about all of the energy you are wasting on worry and insecurity.

 Then next fear-based question that might pop into your head this very moment is “What about becoming selfish.”  My answer is simple.  Love, Self-love is your counter-balance between give and take, say and don’t say, do and don’t do, yes and no.  If you truly love yourself, you will not abuse yourself with drugs, food, judgment, and nagging.  Also, when you love yourself you know how to establish appropriate boundaries that serve you and those around you in a balanced way.  Your relationship with others automatically becomes more loving because you are more loving to yourself.  Self-acceptance, (the real kind, not the surface kind), creates “peace of the heart.”  Now that is a daily lifestyle I can live with.

 In the spirit of stopping the endless destructive cycles….Dana  J

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher

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