Empowerment and Healing with Urevia

 We would like to share this story with you. The following letter is one that we received from one of our students after taking the "Urevia Practitioner Class". We found it "Inspirational and empowering" we think you will to.

 HI Dana & Ken

I wanted to share a story with you. Yesterday I had to go to our main hospital to take my CPR rectification. I went in and took my test and the girl that was to give me the test on the dummies walked in and all of a sudden the room seemed to change some 15-20 degrees hotter, and I was on fire. I lost all train of thought and almost flunked my test but she knew that I knew the stuff. I said I don't know what is wrong but I am suddenly very hot. She asked if I wanted her to turn up the air, I said no that I am ok I think it is just the new energy ray I am working with. She already knew we did Reiki. She told me that she needed my "healing energies" very badly. "Duh" there it was the energy kicked on before I realized what was going on because they knew that she needed and was accepting of it. When I was done with the test I offered to work on her. She had a major block in her throat (the area she requested to be worked on). I pulled some negative junk out and was at the front and back of her neck when suddenly my hand at the back of her neck started to move and vibrate so I heard you say just to let it work. It did and then I was to do psychic surgery and pull the loosened "junk" out. I did that and felt that the block was almost gone and was guided to just energize with Urevia energy, which I did. It was so strong it was vibrating my whole body.

She needed to release allot and talked it out which she did a bit with me. Her husband had a nervous breakdown this past spring and she steps on pins and needles at home since then. He is going through a bad depression again. Anyway she said it still hurt (her throat) but that it was now dry and a little better. The block was gone. I told her she needed to work on her own healing and to start to talk about things instead of "holding her tongue" so to speak. What happened when I was energizing was that it was so strong and hot, then BOOM that quick it stopped, and I was cold. Now let me tell you sometimes I feel the up and down and lull in the Reiki energy but never a definite shut off of the energy when it is done. I "knew" that it was filled with light and her healing had just begun.

I told her I would send her distant healing later in the night. Well I got busy and forgot to, and woke up during the night and thought oh no I never sent her distant healing and a little voice said that's "OK" your intention was there and the healing is continuing so go back to sleep. So today she emails me at work as we are not at the same place and said that she wondered if I felt anything last night because there was a presence with her all night and that she started to feel better. I was so filled with love and energy when she told me this, I heard and had felt there was an angel with her all night. As I wrote, the words just poured out to her of which "they" wanted her to know. I have no idea what I said. I have done this "channeled" writing before and sometimes am quite surprised with what I write. I try not to reread what is channeled for someone else, as it is not for me but for them.

So many people have asked this week how the class was. I say "Life changing", "Like coming home", "What I have been searching for 2 years now", "loving, comforting, warming". What more can I say. It is something that has changed my life for the better. I know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey with the angels. As I am writing this to you the wind has just picked up and sounds as if someone is singing at my windows. You would not believe this wind. It has just happened since I started writing this. I hope this gets off to you.

Oh I tried to eat ice cream tonight and the dish literally was knocked from my hands. "They" are not allowing me to eat things that are not good for me now. The preparation has begun.

Love, Debbie

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher

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