Reiki & Arthritis . . .

Gladys came to our summer solstice celebration. She had never had a Reiki treatment. After just a 15 minutes session, she was impressed about how much calmer and more organized her body and mind had become. She came back the following week for a full Reiki treatment and to talk to me about herbs. She told me about her arthritis in her shoulders. So, I applied Reiki on those areas and removed the pain and stiffness. When she was ready to leave, she could put her hands on top of her head with no suffering. When she returned the following week, she remarked that the pain stayed away for at least 3 days. This time I used Reiki on her knees as well as her shoulders, removing pain and stiffness from both areas. Gladys and I will keep you posted on her progress in future newsletters. Jan is our resident LEO. Her gifts are to help clients become more balanced and grounded. She has a close connection to the earth and her energy is very solid. Feeling ungrounded? Give Jan a call.

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher

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