Healing the Earth:

I have been becoming more aware of all the Earth changes, which are starting to happen. It seems that everywhere I look there are new examples that "Mother Earth" is becoming less tolerant of our behavior as a human species.

We have taken for granted the earth will always be here to provide what we need for survival. We have wasted the physical resources of our earth mother. We have polluted her rivers, lakes, and streams. We have dumped ton’s of trash and garbage into her soil. We have created in some places, air that is difficult and toxic to breathe, and still we go on thinking that nothing negative is going to happen. We still think that our "Earth Mother" will always provide what we need to survive.

If we watch the NEWS we are surprised at the fires, floods, and storms that are going on today. Scientist’s have just discovered that a large body of cooler water from the deepest parts of the Oceans is starting to rise to the surface, and as a result we will experience more radical weather changes next year.

Can we keep taking our "Earth Mother" for granted? I think not. I would ask that we all send love and respect to our home "Mother Earth".

We do not have to be healer’s or spiritually advanced to demonstrate a basic love, kindness, or respect to the earth.

If each of us does what we can it will make a difference.

Remember it’s where we live.

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher


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