Reiki  Therapy for the Soul . . .

I had an occasion to go to the doctor's office the other day and while I was sitting there I noticed the other patients who were in the waiting area. They seemed to be average people with a variety of ailments and it was very obvious that none of them were very happy to be there. (Not a good experience I thought.) That caused me to think of the first time that I had a Reiki session. I didn't know what to expect, I thought that it {being hands on} it might feel like a massage treatment. Needless to say it didn't. It felt like a warm glowing experience where I was nurtured and cared for. I found myself being lifted away, carried off other realms of reality that were different than my everyday existence.

When I came back to the here and now I felt as though I was renewed and refreshed at a very deep level. In the deepest parts of myself I felt centered, grounded and totally peaceful.

As I went about my healing work over the years I've had many clients share with me how they felt. They all related the same peaceful, together feelings as a result of having a Reiki session that I did. Reiki, by it's very nature, is a quiet peaceful and loving energy; an energy which finds it's way to the deepest levels of the Soul. So as you think about all the things you have to do everyday don't forget about yourself.

Self-maintenance is very important to your happiness. Do yourself a favor - call and schedule a Reiki treatment, you will be glad you did.

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In the Light
Reiki Master/Teacher

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