Reiki - Urevia    & Hives . . .

Ann was covered with hives by the time her friend, Cheryl, talked her into seeing me. She also complained of not sleeping well. As soon as I started the session, I could tell she was angry, depressed and fearful. She had a heavy, thick coating of negative energy that covered her body that kept her from feeling her emotions. She also had a concentration of negative energy at her throat and head, indicating that she needed to speak her mind, She had keep these feelings bottled for a long time. After the healing, I shared this with Ann so she could use the information to heal herself.

During the healing I first filled her with strong, positive energy to strengthen her, and then I extracted the negative energy from her aura with Urevia, Finally, I channeled soothing Reiki healing energy to her. Two days later I heard from Ann and learned that she had a decision to end her long-unhappy marriage that she tried to ignore for many years. She returned for more healings to help with reclaiming her own power and with getting in touch with her emotions. Linda is our resident ARIES. Linda 's gifts are the ability to feel things in one's aura. Give her a try.

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