Three Urevia Books

Published by D-Rose L.L.C. and Subtle Energies Inc.   

The Urevia® book Crown of Divinity ..

The name Urevia® means {ONE WITH GOD} or {ONE WITH THE DIVINE}

 Urevia® is one path out of many paths. It is not a religion or a cult. Rather it is a personal, spiritual experience. One that merges physiology and divinity.  Urevia® is meant to be used as a tool to enhance the quality of your life. Urevia® IS A GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL EXPRESSION OF DIVINITY IN DAILY LIVING -.

  This book is about a healing system similar in philosophy as the Budha teachings called  Urevia® The tools Urevia® has to offer can help heal and transform core healing issues such as fear, insecurity, doubt, and the shadow side.  


This book contains the evolution of the  Urevia® system of healing and is a must for those who are genuinely on the path of spiritual development and healing. The price for this book is $13.95 US Currency plus $6.00 shipping and handling in the continental US, your total is $19.95. Michigan residents will be charged the normal state sales tax. 

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 Urevia -The Journey is the Teacher- 

Book  Two

The real teacher in life is the spiritual journey taken within and without.  This book is written from two points of view: a student named Seeker and a spiritual teacher or guide.  The conversation flows back and forth between the two characters about life, about spirit, about healing, and about the difficult things faced.  This book is for anyone who seeks wisdom, happiness, and more love. 

Written by: Dana Rose Glore-Gray

Urevia -Ego Evolution-

Book Three

The ego manipulates, projects, and makes mistakes almost daily.  As a result, it does not know how to create happiness.  Since happiness is a skill, and it is relative, evolving the ego is essential.  This book is designed to help someone navigate the murky, ego waters and learn how to find wisdom and balance.  Written by: Dana Rose Glore-Gray 

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